COMPOUND Z8 Limited Print by HR-FM

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Directly from our Rainbow 6 collection, discover this Limited Edition print numbered and hand signed by the Artist, HR-FM. This art piece is a free interpretation by the artist. It is currently in stock and ready to ship.

  • Signed and numbered edition of just 150 prints.
  • Available with or without frame
  • 20x29" inches (28x37" inches framed).
  • Bright White Acid Free 230gsm Premium Matte paper.
  • Hand Embossed.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity.


"What I challenged this time was to create "a shocking rainbow six graphic that no one has ever seen."

It is dynamic and also slow motion.

A mysterious moment where silence and explosive sound exist at the same time.

And nervousness.

It is to put them all together in art.

... the Influence that video games have given to my art is very large. I lived with game music in the 80's and then worked part time in an amusement arcade. For example, my art style mosaic is definitely inspired by video game dots.

Thanks to Ubisoft and Eyesonwalls for the opportunity to release such great video game art.

For art characters, I made the SAS team that best matches my art style. Smoke is one of my favorite expressions, and above all, gas masks are the perfect piece to show the tension of those working at the extreme.

 Anyway, I'm glad if you enjoy this art.

Thank you!"



Want to know more about Professional Artist, HR-FM? 

HR-FM is a contempary Japanese artist who started as an art assistant and became a freelancer afterwards.
"The fossil which future people may dig" is an art concept he likes to incorporate in his pieces.
By pairing incompatible time bases to create scenes he calls "the future past", he expresses both surprise and recollection.

He makes digital vector images production by using MAC,WACOM.
His art consists of complex lines and bold colors to produce very large prints.
Recently, he has started producing acrylic paint pieces.

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