Size Guide



You have settled on a gorgeous original Concept Art to bring our worlds to your walls? Great! However, one question remains: Which size to pick? Choosing the correct size for your room is not an easy process. Will it be too big, too small? We made this size guide to help you make it just right! Here is all the details for both our vertical and horizontal options:

Vertical Format:


Picture where you want to hang the artwork on your wall and use the size guide above to give you an idea of the size. Here is a quick tip: bigger is (usually) better! It creates an epic focal point to your wall and sets the tone for the entire room. Make sure to give it room to breathe however, a piece that is too big for the room can be overwhelming but remember that a size that is too small may look like an afterthought!

Want to hang it over a piece of furniture like a desk, couch or table? We recommend choosing a size that covers between 2/3 and 3/4 of its width. Hang the artwork minimum a foot over the furniture for a clean look.

Consider a smaller option if the room is already heavily decorated or if you want to create your own gallery by hanging multiple pieces together close to one another!


Find the right apparel size for you!

We invite you to read this guideline carefully but in any case, if you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer support

First, all our products are like you: Unique. It means, it’s not because you’ve already bought a size for a T-Shirt that it’s exactly the same size for a hoodie. We always recommend you to double-check our size charts before pressing the “Complete my Order” button. So, in order to take your measurements, you will need a tape measure and ideally, another person to help you.

You don’t have anyone to take your measurements? Well… You will need a little patience and/or great flexibility (Yoga works well or circus training), so it’s not impossible to do it yourself!


Measuring Instructions:

It’s time for action! Take (or create) your flexible tape measure, follow the instructions below and refer to the chart:

1. Chest

Measure just under your arms around the fullest part of the chest and shoulder blades. Divide per 2 this measure to match with our size chart.

2. Sleeve

Make an angle with your arm by placing your hand on your hip. Use the flexible tape to measure from the end of your shoulder and down around your elbow to your wrist.

3. Front Length

Measure from the higher shoulder point until your hip.

4. Waist

Measure around your natural waistline, keeping the tape comfortably loose. Divide per 2 this measure to match with our size chart.


What if it doesn't fit ?

Don’t worry! Our products are 100% guaranteed to make you happy. Please consult our return policy for more information!